The Skatenigs were doing things they liked without anybody’s approval or looking at the past or the future. Their simple songs with anarchy bent, intelligent lyrics, samples from movies or politicians’ speeches perfectly matched to the songs and characteristic voice of Phil Owen created a general showcase of this Texas band.

The leader and vocalist in the band was unchangeable Phil “Phildo” Owen, a musician in such other projects like Snowblack, Choreboy or (the most often) Revolting Cocks, but also a producer of the first Skrew album amongst all.

Phildo has his own style of making music and performing it on the stage, maybe more spontaneous than worked out but still memorable after many years have passed by.

The Skatenigs featured also the three awesome guitar players (throughout different years of the band’s existence): Billy Jackson, Chris Chambers and Mat Mitchell (programming as well) and the drummers like Chip Fisher and Keith Daily. There was also long-time friend Wendy Nelson (keyboards, sampling) who joined the band in latter years.
The public was always enthusiastic to the live Skatenigs characteristic sound mixing punk, rock, rap and metal styles with a little bit of industrial as well.

MiNiSTRY frontman Al Jourgensen must be a descendant of King Midas because everything he brushes with his fingers turns to gold. The Jourgensen-produced SKATENiGS record “Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed” is no exception. Like Rick Rubin, Jourgensen imparts bits of accumulated wisdom on all his projects, and although he may not have actually written the SKATENiGS’ riffs (then again, he might have), he turns them into his own with the twist of a knob or addition of a spokenword bit. Much of “Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed” sounds pretty similar to Jourgensen side ventures like 1,000 HOMO DJs, LARD and REVOLTiNG COCKS, which is understandable since he worked with SKATENiGS’ Phil Owen in REVOLTiNG COCKS and shares Owen’s warped, esoteric mindset. Like MiNiSTRY and a handful of other industrial-metal acts, SKATENiGS fuse soundbites with roaring, barked vocals, barbed guitar riffs and straight ahead drumming. But while MiNiSTRY creates angst-filled symphonies, SKATENiGS would rather take a cue from such groups as SUiCiDAL TENDENCiES and flex its muscles for fun instead of railing with blind rage. Even the political samples on “Fight Da Suckas” and “Loudspeaker” take a back seat to the macho, fist-pounding riffarama. Test your IQ with “Chemical Imbalance,” “Horny For Evil” and “Roadkill.”

My dear friend and forever a Nig the late Lorri Jackson – voice and writer of the “prologue” for Chemical Imbalance. “She truly understood all that is Skatenig before and more than anyone, even me.  She saw the relevance and importance of everything we destroy including ourselves…”  – Phil Owen


Past and present members:

Lance Von Moulder-bass
Mat Mitchell-guitar and programming
Billy Jackson-guitar
Ralph Ekakiadis-keyboards
Jason (megabyte) Cobb-keyboards
Jason Wolford-turntables and programming
Chris Gates-bass
Chip Fischer-drums
Mike Dunn-drums
Clayton Wavering-guitar
Jack Lightfoot-bass
Mark Dufour-drums and programming
John Monte-bass
Wendy Nelson-keyboards
Greg Main-drums

Original line-up:
Phil Owen-insults, production and advertising
Steve “BungHole” Schubert-guitar(unplugged)
DonG Meyer-mascot
Christopher Chambers-guitar and programming
Ron Bretzky-bass(9 string)
Keefy Weefy Dailey-drums

Guest appearances and cameos:
Al Jourgeson
Jeff Ward
Gibby Haynes
Lee Ving
Marstan Daly
Charles Levi
Paul Raven
Satan’s cheerleaders

Additional studio help roster:
Jeff “Dawg” Allen
King George
Joe Kelly
Leslie Stewart
Rosemary Walker
Jacy Planta
Jody and Jill
Caroline Schwartz
Steve Shaw
Palmer Earley
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